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Controller pad thumb tracking issue


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So I just got my Vive Pro in the mail and one of my controllers has a consistent thumb tracking issue, when click turning in games. For example in steam home when click turning left or right it will off and on register as a center press (Teleport) instead of a left or right press (Turn). My other controller has no issues with this and I have tried swapping them and moving my thumbs in different locations to see if it was a user error, and it was not. I calibrated the trackpads restarted SteamVR and my computer more times than I can count and all the firmware is fully updated.

I have attached two photos using the SteamVR 'test controller' UI and shown what a typical correct turn press registers as and what the issue I'm running into looks like. Pressing to turn will slowly drift the input inwards until it counts as a center press when the thumb does not move at all, and it happens randomly for each side. Any help would be appreciated because while it seems like a minor issue it makes turning and moving in-game a nightmare.

Again this happens with consistently with one controller and I have updated all firmware and recalibrated both trackpads several times.




vivevr controller working.png

vivevr controller.png

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@BeaminB - Using that specific controller test UI is definitely the best way to isolate the problem between hardware/software. This definitely sounds like a hardware issue and that controller will need to be repaired/replaced. I would recommend collecting your order number and then contacting www.vive.com/support -> contact us -> contact us and requesting an RMA. It sounds like you're just getting the kit in the mail - if it's a new kit you're purchasing the warranty is definitely applicable in this case. If you're buying secondhand, it gets complicated and may be considered out of warranty.


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