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I really want to purchase the HTC vive but I can't because I'm too poor


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I was in the same boat. Then I realized I hadn't had a true vacation in over a decade, I don't waste money on cigarettes, don't have a drug habit, have no kids sponging money off me, etc, etc, etc.. and realized.. But if I did, I would come up with money required one way or the other.


So I just bought a new computer and a Vive and figured I'll figure it out as I go. Beats spending the money on a DUI, speeding tickets, etc... Sure it was tight for a bit.. but it's nice being extremely poor for a really good cause for once.


And on a positive note, income tax time is right around the corner..  that's how I am going Wireless (TPCAST) and getting the new headset this year. Yippee!

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