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Much more SDE with Wireless Adapter


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Honestly, between my pre-ordered OG Cosmos and Vive wireless kit, this has been the biggest waste of aud$2.000 ever, imho.  At least my Vive Pro  full kit, wired, with Etsy Gear VR lens mod continues to work very well.  Only another aud$2,000 spend for that, lol!

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@TomCgcmfc - Screen door effect is a fixed physical value that primarily is determined by the display and the distance and layout of the different pixel and sub pixel elements on the display. It's a little more complex these days because some manufacturers add diffusers and other technologies. It's physically fixed value and switching between wireless and wired can't physically alter it. (Using a lense mod can technically alter your perception of the SDE because you're altering the entire optical chain).

What you're seeing is probably a combination of two things:
1) Compression. Depending on what your CPU is and what your 60ghz wireless environment and receiver situation is - you may be seeing compression artifacts as the product tries to dynamically adjust to hit minimum data rate on the HMD.

2) Aliasing & jaggies. You may be seeing aliasing which is related to compression, or it could be related to your source app rendering at a lower resolution due to the higher hardware demands of wireless which is leading to more overall aliasing since there is less sample resolution for AA to try and smooth out. If your signal is being compressed due to not having enough CPU headroom, you'll probably see aliasing as part of the overall compression behavior. The standard example of testing for aliasing jaggies is to look at power lines in video games because the geometry is only a few pixels thick.



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Ya, I agree that this is what's happening.  Also, of course the higher res Pro panels also adds to this.  Wireless seems to eat my i9 9900k for lunch with my flight and racing sims.  To compensate for the 15-25% lower performance due to wireless with these demanding (and often single threaded) apps, I need to drop % pixel density by up to 50%.  Honestly, my Oculus Quest 1 wireless with Virtual Desktop seems to manage these sims a bit better.  Kinda ridiculous since my Vive wireless adapter kit cost about the same as my Quest 1 headset w/Virtual Desktop, lol!  

Just my opinion but I think that the Vive wireless adapter only works well with silly, simple PCVR games, not more demanding games/sims.  Hopefully there will be better PCVR wireless solutions developed in the future for high res VR headsets.

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