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HELP! 16 hour troubleshoot! MAJOR COSMOS ELITE ISSUES


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I took most of this post from someone elses that never had an answer on reddit but everything applies the same and there are a few like this sprawled throughout the web. I have done EVERYTHING, including OS re-install and cable isn't the issue. I've seen a lot of posts about this, but no definitive answers.
Whilst playing my Vive Cosmos Elite headset will periodically go completely dark. Often accompanied by Windows playing disconnect/reconnect sounds. Eventually vision will return to my headset and, a few seconds later, so will sound. During this time I notice the Vive's overlay client shows a usb disconnect error, Steam VR however shows nothing, running as if alls well and even tracks as far as steam display shows, little laggy but still there....friends even saw me bending down in game while it was happening. Lately this problem has become increasingly more frequent, sometimes I can go 10 minutes without an issue, other times happening multiple times a minute. I have unplugged and re-plugged all the cables, tried different USB slots. Powered down the whole system and headset, and tried Vive beta drivers and as mentioned even re-installed OS. This is insane. I have a PCIE USB Hub coming today but if that doesn't solve it, then what? I'm still in warranty but the posts that say they got another headset said the problem wasn't solved and it's most certainly not steam since it works perfectly fine. I've done EVERY. THING. What happens? Nothing. I've spent over SIXTEEN HOURS troubleshooting this issue! Over 900 spent. I could really use some help here, I vr and am a content creator. This is getting bad. Attaching steamvr report. 


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