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Two strange issues I've spent over a year trying to fix


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I finally have a proper VR setup, and my health condition has improved so I can actually use it.  There are two very strange issues though, both probably a result of the shape of my head which seems to be too abnormal for my Vive to handle.


The first issue is that I have a "fake" double-vision.  It's kinda hard to explain.  Imagine having double-vision while also having perfect vision at the same time.  It's like a double-vision view layered on top of a perfect view.  I've tried both the knob on the right side and rotating the rings on the strap connector.  Those don't help.  The cables are brand new, the link box is brand new, there's no visual artifacting - it's most likely the very non-standard shape of my head.


The second issue might be causing the first issue - extreme blurriness.  Imagine wearing drunk goggles while actually drunk - it really is that blurry, and that description is quite generous.  Things in the distance in games tend to look slightly sharper, but the "drunk glasses while drunk" effect still happens.  I was once shown an "inside the headset" recording because someone thought I was expecting perfect 1080p quality and I just considered the normal picture blurry, but their video looked super-sharp and detailed by comparison.  This issue, however, has a quirk.  If I press down on the top of the headset so that it presses harder against the top of my nose, the blurriness goes away completely.  However, this does completely prevent any air going through my nose and it hurts quite a lot, so it's unusable in this position.  If it's even a milimeter higher than the pressing-down-hard-on-my-nose position, this extreme blurriness issue happens.  Just like the first issue, neither the knob nor the gears on the sides make this any better.  In fact, they make it even worse!


The hardware isn't broken, there's no audio or video issues anywhere, the sensors work perfectly - I've spent over a year working on this, going forum-hopping and consulting with people who definitely know what they're talking about, so I can 100% guarantee I've ruled out the following:

- Damaged/faulty hardware (everything except the headset has been replaced at this point with parts directly from Vive's storefront)

- Anything in the Vive settings menu (yes, including the resolution options)

- Steam, SteamVR, Viveport, or any games

- Windows 10 being Windows 10 and bugging out for literally no reason isn't affecting this.  It's a miracle!

- I tried using OVR Advanced Settings but it made no difference.

- The headset had been very thoroughly cleaned using the correct methods and correct cleaning supplies, so it's not blurry due to dirty lenses.


I really do think the issue is that I have a severely deformed head that no headset will ever fit as intended.  I can still play games this way, but it's much harder and I can't keep my balance because of it.


Here's the specs of my computer just in case there's an extremely small chance the issue isn't my deformed head:

- Windows 10 Pro x64 (still running on version 1909 because me and many other people I've talked to have an issue where audio devices break completely if SteamVR is launched on version 2004 and later, still not fixed as of me writing this)
- Intel Core i9-10900K
- NVIDIA RTX 2080 Super
- 64GB DDR4 Memory (take that, VRChat, you freaking RAM hog!)
- Running on a Samsung EVO SSD which still has almost 800GB of free space
- Both the CPU and GPU are water-cooled

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