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Which SDK to use for developing application for HTC Vive


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I am new to HTC vive and would like to develop application for it.  However, I must have missed something as it is unclear for me where to start.


For Oculus, I just downloaded their SDK and went through the samples and that got me start going (The documents in their web site are quite good).


For HTC Vive, I am a bit confused. My understanding is that I need to become a steam VR developer. I went to the SteamVR developer portal and it seems to suggest to use the OpenVR SDK. I followed the link to the github page.  Is this the API that developers use to access HTC vive? I know that it supposes to encapulate the hardware underneath(be it HTC or Oculus).  However, for whatever the reason, it doesn't quite click for me.


I would really like to know what is the offical SDK for application development for HTC Vive? 


Thanks in advance!!!








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Personally I use the OpenVR SDK in Unity with Valve's Interaction System include in the SteamVR plugin which can be downloaded from the asset store. This gives you easy teleporting and the ability to grab and throw things. Use the player prefab included with the asset. This works with both the Vive and Rift.



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