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Can I use a displayport adapter on my laptop?


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So I am trying to connect my Vive Cosmos to my Predator Helios 300 G3-571 but it has no display port, or mini display port either, but it does have an HDMI port, as well as a USB 3.1 type C. Is there any way I can use an adapter to connect the cable to my laptop,  or would that not work? 

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  • The USB-C on the laptop must be physically wired to the dedicated GPU and not just the integrated graphics and it must specifically support Displayport 1.2 (or newer) signaling. Support for this varies widely and is highly model specific. Some laptop models don't wire the mDP to the GPU as a cost savings measure.
    • You may need to contact your manufacturer to get confirmation of how your laptop is wired up.
    • You can get a rough check of your port mapping via the PhysX page of the Nvidia. If your port is supported, you'll see a USB-C icon under the column with your dedicated GPU.
  • Not all adapters/cables work. The key requirements are that it must support 4K @ 60Hz, must support Display 1.2+, and must be able to transmit ~20Gbps of bandwidth.
  • Here is an example of a USB-C adapter known to work: Club 3D CAC-1507
  • If your USB-C port can't power DP1.2 output via the Dedicated GPU, your laptop will not only be incompatible with Vive Cosmos, but will be incompatible with all current gen PCVR headsets that use Displayport (Index, Rift S, Pimax, ETC...)
  • https://content.invisioncic.com/n286256/monthly_2020_04/image.thumb.png.4c979bdba29d7dfe7dbe0c8a2dd133e8.png
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