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@Kim C - You can't drive Displayport headsets via HDMI. No combination of HDMI adapter or cable will allow an HDMI port to drive a DP headset (Index, Rift S, Pimax, ETC) - the port is fundamentally incompatible.

Your laptop may have a MiniDisplayport or a USB-C port that may be Displayport compatible. This is usually hyper model specific as some laptops may have USB-C or MiniDisplayports but they may or may not actually connect to your dedicated GPU. It gets very confusing very quickly. If you post your specific model number here I can give you a high level estimate but verifying your situation usually requires contacting your laptop manufacturer for confirmation,  testing, estimating with your PhysX settings page, or simply testing IRL. This is an affordable Minidisplay port cable that's confirmed to work with Vive Cosmos/Pro.


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@incredible With laptops it's always best to check directly with the OEM.

The spec sheet for the GS66s say that it supports displayport but it's kind of an afterthought and not something they go into detail about.

The Club 3D CAC-1507 is one of the most reliable and widely available USB-C to DP adapters we've found for HMDs.


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