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One Vive Tracker Misbehaving / wifi


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Hello everyone,

Searching for specific forum posts to cater to my problem hasn't yielded much results so I'm asking for help here. I have 3 vive tracker 2.0's with my valve index/controllers. My waist & right foot work flawlessly & I couldn't be happier. My left foot is always drifting & in/out of tracking. I have separated them all at least 2-3ft apart, in different usb ports, away from wires, & uninstalled/reinstalled them thru steamVR. I just cannot get my left foot tracker to behave. On a side note, I'm running on a wifi connection but I had switched over to 5.0 GHz. Having extreme wifi disconnects when I play VR coincidentally with the installment of the trackers & new wifi adapter. I'm going to try playing tonight wo/ the 3 trackers to narrow down the problem.

Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks!

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@Aleyboby Is your new WiFI adapter a USB device? You may be hitting a bandwidth limit of your motherboard's USB controller.

It helps to space out the Vive tracker dongles. The reason they ship with that USB-extender is to allow you to space the dongles out so that the receivers don't talk over one another.

You may have a bad dongle. I'd recommend unplugging one of the dongles, testing, and then repeating the test with a different combo of dongles to try and see if one of the dongles has failed.

Limiting 2.4Ghz Wifi always helps but it sounds like you've already done that.

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