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Cosmos Elite (strap pain fix)!

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Does the garbage cosmos elite or cosmos in general hurt the back of your head? remove the god damn strap... simple,  whoever designed this garbage is terrible, it's mostly the metal strap holder part that causes the pain and slight misplacement in the cushioning (against). 

Second I removed the head strap (The fabric that goes over the top of your head) i couldn't feel pain and headset is perfect, and you don't need the bloody thing anyway..

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On 1/21/2021 at 10:24 PM, Chuckskull said:

I had to remove that back cushion as well ,  because that whatever HTC provides  is  definitely garbage. Pain in 2 minutes of gameplay,

Thought i was the only one, Sometimes I have to wear a hard cap, turn it around so the part that sticks out is behind me, and put headset on me after, (whilst wearing a cap) this strap is uncomfortable, the issue is, it's that god damn metal clip that goes under the rear cushioning, you can actually feel it's there! you feel it pressing against the rear of your skull

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