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Base station v1 faulty


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Noticed this happening all of a sudden, if you watch the attached video.

When the array of LEDs go out, it causes the headset to 'grey out', more so if I'm directly looking at the faulty station.

It usually happens after about 10 minutes after switching on.

My other base station works perfectly. 

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Still no further forward with this. 

If I may say a bit more about the issue.

When I face the direction of the 'faulty' base station, the screen continually goes from grey to normal to grey, with head movements.  Also, the motion is a little off balance, like being drunk.

When I look at the good base station everything is fine.

Is this simply a faulty base station?

I'd appreciate a confirmation. 

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I purchased a new base station v1 and it worked perfectly.

So obviously it was a faulty base station originally. 


I'm delighted to enjoy my VR again without grey screens and shaky motion.


Now, I have a faulty base station outwith its warranty. I'd like to pay for a repair. 

Someone tell me how to go about this?


It took 19 months for one of my base stations to go faulty. As these devices have moving parts, no doubt my other over 19-month-old base station will go faulty in due course. It would be nice to replace it straight away with a repaired one.


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I may as well continue this conversation with myself.

I contacted support and they sent me a document with a procedure on how to diagnose issues with a base station.

I'll try it soon.

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Support got back to me quickly, and after several fault finding attempts, they organised the return of my faulty base station for repair. They provided the address label and customs documents. 

A week and a half later on sending, it was repaired and returned. 

The cost of the repair was about half the cost of buying a new one - so can't complain. 


So now I have three working base stations; two in use and one (just returned from repair) ready to use if one goes faulty. 

I'm happy with the service I recieved. 

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