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Two Vives next to eachother wit Base Station 1.0

HeK Basel

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Hey Guys

We're building an exhibition at our Museum and need to use two HTC VIVE's pretty much next to eachother. They both have (obviously) their own Computer and their own two Base Stations (1.0). 

We're currently running into a problem that SteamVR says, there are too many base stations. 

Does this even work? Can we use two Vives with their own pair of Base Stations next to eachother without a Wall between them? 


Would it help to connect the designated pair with the included Connection-Cable? 


There are a lot of different similar questions around the forum, but we couldn't get a clear answer for our problem. 


Thanks for your help and all the best



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@HeK Basel - Please see my response below. With two stations at 6x4.5m you can probably get by using 1 pair of stations in opposite corners but you'd probably have to use the sync cable (and have stations in channels A+B). You're on the out range of 1.0 stations so it may be helpful to inset both stations ~1/3 of M or so inward towards each other to try to bring down the diagonal length between the stations a little bit. You basically already have them offset away from the opposite wall in the diagram I described, just eliminate two of the stations, point the remaining two towards each other, and use the sync cable in wired sync mode (A+B)


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