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VIVEPORT Increases 2021 Developer Net Revenue Share


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Developers are the most important pillar of the Viveport Ecosystem, so we’re helping you kickstart 2021 with an extra special boost.


Throughout 2021, Viveport developers will receive more payouts. From January 1st to December 31st we are increasing net revenue share from 70/30 to 80/20 (developers receive 80%, Viveport receives 20%). That’s right! Developers will receive 80% revenue share for all titles that are opted-in to any of the following Viveport Programs:

– Viveport Store: one-time purchase

– Viveport Arcade Program

– Viveport In-App Purchase service

And of course, the revenue share of titles opted-in to the Viveport Infinity program will remain at the 80% split.

We hope this extra boost will make way for a fresh and bright new year.

Already Published on Viveport?
The new revenue share will be automatically applied to titles currently published under the eligible distribution programs.1. Login to the Developer Console
2. Select your VR title
3. On the default ‘Program Opt-ins’ tab, make sure your titles are opted into at least one of the eligible Viveport Distribution Programs.

New to Viveport?

Three easy steps to start making more from your VR titles!1. Sign up as a Viveport developer via the Developer Console
2. On the default My Titles page, select “Add New Title” and craft a new store listing.
3. When you see the ‘Program Opt-ins’ step, make sure you have opted in at least one of the eligible Viveport Distribution Programs
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