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VIVE (2015) OpenXR Support?


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thanks for your fast response!

How can get the OpenXP Developer Tools to run with the Vive?

To access that menu --> OpenXR Dev Tool

I tried the OpenXR Dev Tool from the MS Store, but then i had to restore my System, because it loads the wrong .json (Windows Mixed Reality) and i didnt know how to change that via Reg-Editor!

My Goal is to have that function: Motion Reprojection - automatic from this video MSFS 2020 Tweaks

I have the old HTC Vive, Steam, MSFS2020 via MS-Store, NOT via Steam!



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oh, wow.

ok, thank you!


But can i now install that OpenXP Developer Tool again, to get that hat function: Motion Reprojection - Automatic?

Or is there somewhere in the Steam VR App such an setting?

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There is nothing else needed - you are set - your screenshot indicates:

Current OpenXR Runtime: SteamVR

As soon as you switch MSFS to VR it should use this runtime.

for motion reprojection with SteamVR: Settings -> Video -> Per-Application Video Settings, and select an option for "Motion Smoothing."

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SteamVR will still launch if it's the default OpenXR runtime (that it sets in the registry) - it should work anyway even if it's from a different store.

You don't need it in the Steam library - just have SteamVR running.

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