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HTC Vive Pro Starter Kit vs HTC Vive Pro Full Kit


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Hello Team,

I want to procure HTC Vive Pro Kit for my company. Application - To show a demo of 3D Industrial models 

a. Should I go with Starter Kit or Full Kit.

b. I have Asus ROG Strix Scar 17 G732LXS-HG059T

Kindly assist ! 

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  • If you ever plan on using the kit in an office or at an other event where other HMDs/base stations may be used (i.e. a convention booth - when those exist again); then you're going to want go with the full kit.
    • You can only have a single pair of 1.0 base stations in a single room but you can have upto 16 2.0 base stations in a single
  • With the starter kit, you're limited to two base stations. The primary benefit of using 2.0 stations is that you can add a third or a fourth station to expand your space or increase your tracking coverage. In the types of areas you can cover when using a laptop, it doesn't really matter but having a 3rd station may help prevent tracking loss from occlusion if you're doing some thing really high performance.

I'd generally recommend with going with the 2.0 stations if budget allows simply because they're more flexible and you can mount them in a wider range of positions. If this is for a travel kit, that extra flexibility is really helpful.

If you're going to mount the stations in your workspace and not really move the kit around, you won't really notice a functional difference between the starter kit and the Pro kit.

In many countries - you can only buy Pro Eye full kit these days so the standard full kit may not even be available to you.

I'd also note that it doesn't seem like you have a native MiniDisplayport on that laptop. It looks like you may have specific USB-C port that might work but with laptops, sometimes OEMs only wire up the USB-C port to the integrated graphics. You're going to want to contact Asus and verify that that USB-C port is hooked up to the Nvidia GPU before purchasing. If it isn't hooked up to the Nvidia GPU, you'll be limited to HDMI driven first gen headsets on that specific laptop..

As Tom said, expect a perf drop compared to desktop. I recommend using a cooling pad when using VR on a laptop for longer than 20min because you'll start to get thermally constraint after your system heats up. @Saba If the port is compatible, we'd recommend this adapterimage.png.dac743e3978abc93f864aa61c79a3b19.png

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Thanks for your response. 😀😀

Have decided to go with HTC vive pro Full Kit.

Any other points to take care while procuring the device ?

1. After 1 year warranty, is AMC applicable? Any charges applicable ? Extension of warranty applicable ?

2. Location would be India.

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