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Base station red blinking light

Derek hodgkiss

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I have one red blinking light one of my base stations, its connected to steam VR and will identify itself so its connected via blue tooth . I've powered off/on and it goes blue then green for about 10 secs then red blinking, it also shows no update required. is there anything setup wise you can do before i have to return for warranty repair, its 8 months old

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@Derek hodgkiss

A solid or flashing red light on a 2.0  base station usually indicates that there is a mechanical problem within the station. These usually require the device to have to be sent in for repair.


Depending on when you purchased the unit from us and the other circumstances of your specific case, a repair or replacement may be fall under warranty

Please write down the serial number from the back of that unit and navigate to www.vive.com/support -> contact us -> contact us to request a repair RMA from an agent specific to your region.


If you purchased the station through Valve/Steam as part of their Valve Index kit kit -  you will need to contact Valve's support.


There are no user-side fixes for mechanical failures on base stations.






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I also am having this problem. Vive Pro 2 full kit have only had for two months and one of the Valve 2.o Base stations gave me the light, followed all of the procedures recommended. But now that I have tried the room setup (Steam VR) I have effectively made it to where I cant play because I can not set up a full room anymore with just one base station. Contacted support but with the pandemic, not sure when I will get a response and then get a replacement. Plus SCALPERS are making getting a replacement $400+. So now I have a $1600 paper weight after only two months. And I was having so much fun, I absolutely loved it. I just don't know how to feel or what to do.

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I has a lot of broken BaseStation 2.0 units with blinking red LEDs.
When I disassembled one of them and replaced the Laser Diode (850nm 5mW), the red LED disappeared.

However, it is not possible to assemble it optically correctly.
Can we buy laser diode assemblies in parts?
I'd like to buy 4 of them and use them to self-repair.
can you help?

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