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Vive Pro Wireless Stuck on "Initializing"


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I got the Vive Pro wireless package at Christmas time and got 3 weeks of totally trouble-free use out of it. No frame drops, no grey screen, no pixellation, just totally perfect performance.

Around the three week mark my Vive Wireless Software app would hang up on "Initializing" and never get anywhere. I checked my connections, reinstalled the software, did multiple restarts, toggled my Wigig card on and off through device manager, and still no effect. Following some advice I found here I replaced the cable and that solved it! For about a week.

Now I'm back to the same place I was before with the app stuck on "initializing." I did the same troubleshooting as before and also switched the Wigig card to another port (x16 this time rather than x1 before). Nothing got bumped, or kinked, or anything. What's even more strange is that even plugging the wireless link box directly into the wigig card via a female-female adapter it STILL will not initialize, making it look like the antenna/linkbox is just dead. 

I opened the link box and sure enough the antenna board is detached from the heat sink body so I'm guessing it fried itself after somehow killing the original cable, or maybe the cable death was unrelated crappiness. 

What's even sadder is it's hard to find troubleshooting because of all the other problems people are reporting. 

Anyone know if there's a source for the antenna PCB? It might be worth it to replace it myself but I'm not in a hurry to give HTC the pleasure of charging me for repairs for their incredibly faulty equipment. 

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