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Wireless Adapter and laptop =no hope?


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Hi, I got a wireless adapter and honestly completely overlooked that it needs a PCI slot to be installed.. ( i know, not smart but it's a done deal now)
So.. do i get it right that there is NO real  working solution to install it on the laptop ? 

Thank you 🙂
I read you can use some adapter via thunderbolt, but i don't have thunderbolt 🤷‍♀️🥴..

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@Kay2029, unfortunately the wireless adapter isn't going to work with a laptop. No hope. It's desktop PCIe technology. It's not worth the cost and effort to attempt to try and get working.

The reason Vive Desktop uses PCE-e is specifically because it's one of the most common and universal formats. It has to use PCIe is because other technologies like USB and HDMI actually have a pretty wide range of variability in how the standards are implemented.

Trying to use adapters or trying to modify the the laptop doesn't work well at scale. There is too much diversity and custom hardware found in laptops and laptop motherboards because laptops come in a huge range of shapes and sizes. Desktop PCI-e is very well standardized in desktops.

While there are a handful of reports of people who've found a mod that seems to work for their laptop, those methods are specific to that specific laptop configuration.


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