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Can i Use vive pro without the headset


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Hi just wiondering i bought 2 vive pro light house and 3 tracker. Can we use this setup with steamvr unity  and detect the traker or does it need the headset for the light house to find the position. At this time the setup act weirdly Bluetooth is not detected and light house are not showing up in steam vr. I am a bit lost any help will be welcomed. thanks

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@vjblind You can accomplish this by using a "null HMD driver". It's not an officially supported use case so there is minimal user-interface for it.

The bluetooth functionality can be really dependent on what BT receiver you have on your PC. Normally, it's controlled by a more standardized bluetooth receiver in the linkbox or HMD. Try seeing if you can discover the devices within Window's Bluetooth settings. There are community mage scripts for situations were you can't use SteamVR e.g: https://github.com/nouser2013/lighthouse-v2-manager

The entire SteamVR tracking system is built specifically as a VR-tracking solution. As such, Valve has only given SteamVR user-interface elements for setups with HMDs and controllers and so if you don't have an HMD, you're locked out of tools like room setup. VR devices are meant to be used as a kit and so I'd recommend anybody working with SteamVR tracking to have a complete setup simply because SteamVR is really a VR-specific ecosystem.

When your basestations ship - they're in channel 1 by default. If you try to use both of them without changing the channels on at least one of them - tracking will break. If you can't get bluetooth working, you can alternatively activate the pinhole on the back of the basestations with a paper clip to manually move one of the stations forward a few channel IDs. There are 16 channels, each press of the button moves forward a station until you get to the last one and then it starts at 0 again.

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