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little problem of shining blue dot


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Hi, there  i have some difficult with my vive pro eye tracking  , you can see on my screenshoot ( a little hard to see but i have draw they with   black circle ) it's look like problem of refresh rate but i don't know is that.

that's not dead pixel because that not follow my head mouvement but i have see when i make the grind debug the blue shining dot dispear on the steam vr menu ...

anybody have idea what is the problem ?  

( i have change so many parts of my cable and the box the only cable i don't have change it's the usb cable )


( i have RTX 2060 super , i5 9600kf , 16 giga ram) 

thank you for the answer 


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@Volesprit Those look like mild examples of sun damage. A VR headset's lenses act like magnifying glasses and will focus any bright light onto the display like a magnifying glass physically burning the pixels like ants. Eventually the pixels starts to turn purple and black as they melt completely.

In this case, it's likely the sun since some of those are streaks (caused by the sun's path through the sky). The streaks go in at least 2-3 directions and so IMO the headset was exposed to strong light on more than once occasion.


Image result for sun damage hmd
Image result for sun damage vive light burn mark vr

r/Vive - Major spots on screen after using the vive for 1 day outdoor. Any idea what the hell is that???

Big black spot and streak in the headset view? What is this? : ValveIndex

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@HackPerception thank you for the answer but i don't think  is the same thing  that not make big marks like that , i think i need to try to takeanother picture , it's really shining blue dots and when i use debug mod grind that erase all of dots .  et that appear only on the black color  i need maybe make better picture , But if the problem is indeed due to sun damage what can I do to fix it?


( i gonna try to sent another picture tomorow  and sorry for my english ah ah ... ) 

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