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SteamVR Error 208 (Headset Display Disconnected)


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Since about August of last year, I have been completely unable to use my VIVE. I always get the error code 208 in SteamVR. I have tried every solution I could find online. I have attached a system report that's over 11MB because of the following 2 errors repeating for thousands of lines: 

Thu Dec 31 2020 21:06:14.831 - Error! EventWriteString Severe: [NvAPI] Invalid refresh: 0    
Thu Dec 31 2020 21:06:14.832 - Error! EventWriteString Severe: [NvAPI] Invalid frameIndex: 0 last=413

Every time I generate a system report, the "Invalid frameIndex" number is 413. Please help me out here. I've used USBDeview to make sure all the USB devices are removed. I've reinstalled SteamVR multiple times, switched from displayport to HDMI, changed USB ports, bought a new 3 in 1 cable, and a vast number of other things. 


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