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Vive Facial Tracking bracket for other headsets?

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Hi, is it possible to use the Vive Facial Tracking device independantly? Since it is USB C I am wondering if it could possibly be used on other headsets with the right bracket for it. The Index, the Vive Cosmos and the Pimax have an USB C connector.

I'm very sure all my VRChat friends and especially my fellow avatar creators would scramble to get it, if it were.

Speculation is welcome, but I would really like an answer from someone who has possibly some insider knowledge or could play around with it already. ^^

I'm very excited about this. :)


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Yes, you can use the lip tracker with any headset (even in standalone). here is a link for a 3D printed go-pro adaptor for the lip tracker . If you don't have access to a 3d printer, you can use  a service like this  For this adaptor to work, you will need a mount like thisHere is a video explaining the whole thing. His next video will be about making it wireless using wireless USB protocol, so I advise you to watch that when it comes out.

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