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Cosmos Elite Mini DP Adapter broken, 3 weeks to replace under warranty, why can't I just buy a replacemet?


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I purchased a new Cosmos Elite a few weeks ago and I'm in the Laptop camp and need to use the Mini DP adapter.  First, I went out and bought an after market adapter because I couldn't find the one they hid in the box. Terrible packaging by the way, I almost threw it away because its so well hidden within the box. This after market adapter didn't work at all and after contacting Tech support they noted I had to use the one in the box. Unfortunately it broke only after some light usage. The adapter has a terrible design, and the cable puts too much strain on the male adapter plug. I looked on the site for a replacement to buy, but could not find one. I then contacted support and after a fairly rigorous process to open a warranty ticket, I was told that a replacement would be 3 weeks out. Being unable to use the unit for 3 weeks due to a simple mini DP adapter is extremely frustrating and disappointing. Have others had issues with their mini DP Adapter? My question is, are there any third party adapters that anyone has gotten to work? Any help to get me back up and running inside of the 3 week wait would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance,

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