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Error 210 suddenly!

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i can play every single  VR game i own perfectly fine,  Half-life alyx, blade and sorcery, vr chat, walking dead, arizona sunshine, skyrim vr e.t.c you name it..

A while a go I was playing  "DOOM VFR" perfectly fine... now when I start it, the game instantly lags to like 5-10FPS, and I get 210 code compensator... i restart the vr , does nothing.... i've uninstall the game and reinstalled it, no difference....

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Yeah I suspect that'd be due to nvidia drivers. What GPU are you running? I use a 3070 and get issues in vr every now and then, and people report that the 30 series cards are kind of very unstable due to bad drivers.

If you have driver issues, first try downloading a more recent beta driver (if there is one)

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The "it worked fine then suddenly lagged" types of problems are statistically the hardest to solve remotely because whatever is causing the problem is mostly likely specific to your hardware or software environment.

When this happens, I usually do the following:

  • Preform a clean install Nvida driver to a previous known good version
  • Reinstall SteamVR
  • Doublecheck my startup programs to ensure that no new/suspicious tasks are suddenly eating up resources.


Eventually I've found it can be cleaner to reinstall windows then trying to needle in the haystack some compositor errors. Clean installing Windows isn't the most consumer friendly option but it can solve a ton of more stubborn SteamVR problems and save you more time in the long run then trying to troubleshoot it out. I clean install my PC's every 3-6 months.

If you can, it also helps to test your HMD on a different PC to ensure the hardware itself is fine.

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