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I keep getting error 208 in SteamVR on my OG Vive when I reboot my PC


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I keep getting error 208 in SteamVR on my OG Vive when I reboot my PC

Driver: 460.79
Steam VR: 1.16.10


GTX 1080
32 gigs of ram


I have been using my Vive since 2016 though I had to get my Vive replaced via after warranty servicing on January 2020 due to it permanently giving me a 208 error no matter what link cable I used. That cost me 2000 Hong Kong dollars.

The replacement Vive I was given was a refurbished original Vive and it worked fine until last Thursday. Now it started with the error 208 BS again, but this the error 208 stops happening and the Vive works again if I fiddle with the Vive. My fiddling with the Vive mean I don’t mean checking if the cables are properly seated on the link cable / pc / headset, I mean replacing the existing link cable with a new link cable, I have 2 new link cables and 1 used one that I used for a year now. When I use a new link cable the Vive suddenly works again. But the cable isn’t the culprit because the old used cable suddenly works perfectly too.

The Vive continues to work perfectly until I reboot my PC. In fact I just tested this by starting SteamVR right before I reboot my machine. Works perfectly. As soon as I reboot my PC I get an error 208 again. What gives and how do I resolve this? My Vive didn’t do this until this past Thursday.

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