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How to get the 6DOF estimation data from VIVE COSMOS using C++?


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@Frank_D You're only able to query the pose through OpenVR/SteamVR. There is a C++ native SteamVR lib that you can use to integrate SteamVR devices into custom projects https://github.com/ValveSoftware/openvr/wiki/API-Documentation.

95%+ of VR development is concentrated into Unity and Unreal so there's not a ton of public documentation on custom implementations of the C++ libraries but it's a fairly common setup in the enterprise VR space.

In the future, you will likely be able to query the pose from OpenXR directly in a number of ways but for now, you need to use OpenVR/SteamVR.

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OK. I see. Thank you!

Actually, I have dived into Unity3D. Yet your lib is not able to work on my VIVE Cosmos...

Can you give us more instructions?

How can we get the front-facing camera video stream since I wanna develop a AR game. - Vive Cosmos Developer FAQs - Community Forum


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