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Unreal 4.25.1 + Wave SDK - failure to build every time


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Am using Unreal 4.25.1 and Wave SDK 3.2.0 on Win10. VIVE Focus Plus

I am a very amateur developer - have been forced into it with very limited coding or in-depth technical knowledge so please bear this in mind when replying... the simplest terminology is greatly appreciated!

Have followed the steps to integrate Wave SDK 3.2.0 into Unreal but it fails to either build (headset attached or without) or cast to the Focus Plus HMD through DirectPreview.

Every time I attempt to build (am using the the hellovr sample to test) it fails with the attached errors referring to WVRDirectPreview Simulator Library in the Output Log

Also when I attempt to DirectPreview to the HMD, It shows it has installed the device APK to the Focus but I get Connection Timeout on the headset.

Have also attempted in Unreal 4.23.1 using the correct Wave SDK with exactly the same results.

Have also attempted to convert a copy of an existing project, successfully built for a Quest, to ensure the Android SDK etc are up to date, but get exactly the same issues.

In case it is a GPU issue, I am using a 1050ti card with the latest drivers - the same card I build for the Quest & ran my original tethered VIVE fine.

Any assistance greatfully appreciated as I'm unable to proceed with any projects until I can resolve this.



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