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Is there a the Beginner's Guide to Vive Pro Eye - Eye Tracking Function - and Face Tracking for Unreal Engine?

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Hi there!

Any ideas where I can find a beginner's guide to the eye tracking function for the Vive Pro Eye and also for the new device for face Tracking in Unreal Engine?

I found a great tutorial for Foveated Rendering using the Vive Pro Eye. It's here. I am searching for something similar. 

Thank you so much!

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On 4/6/2021 at 12:36 AM, Tony PH Lin said:


This documentation is completely lacking when it comes to focus and gaze information.  The first 5 pages is setup.  Then there is only one sentence that refers to the player's focus.  Then the next 5 pages are regarding avatar morphs.

So if you want to do anything other than make an avatar blink, you're on your own.

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@patrikabroad  @zws @Tony PH Lin

Were you able to find any other source (YouTube, Reddit, etc.) to make use of the eye tracking option in unreal engine?
I am a masters' student started to explore this eye tracking option with HTC VIVE PRO EYE device and I dont find any proper source to get started...

I want to know how we can record and store the eye gazing data of the user from HTC VIVE PRO EYE and analyse it for my research purpose?

If you could throw some light on it, it would be helpful.

Thanks in Advance!!

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