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SRWorks disables some post-processing effects in Unreal


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It seems some post-processing effects such as bloom or anti-aliasing are disabled whenever the SRWorks camera mode is set to "mixed" in Unreal (using 4.26). Where in the scripts is this behaviour defined and can I change it?
Below is a picture of a 3D scene, on the left the SRWorks camera is set to "mixed", on the right "virtual", every other setting is identical, the switch can happen during gameplay:image.thumb.png.9b1679b5e3285bdeff5910973f8f734b.png

I need anti-aliasing and bloom in order to smoothly blend between the real and the virtual environments using "mixed" view, but currenly the 3D model in "mixed" view looks very low quality and it is easy to tell the difference from the real environment. I can swap the environments instantaneusly of course, but this means abandoning some cool transitioning effects.

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Typo, also mentioned Unreal as engine
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