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Looking for devs to collaborate on 5th Dimension


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We're a VR tech developer and content studio based in London and we've recently partnered with Twitch to create 5th Dimension, a space for creation of live music events in VR presented with a range of high profile DJs, record labels and music culture brands.

website here -


We're looking for 2 unity developers to collaborate on this project, one focussed on UX / UI / front end and another on core app dev. Our existing team has some super talented people involved, however we are a small indie operation, total team size 12 ppl including biz dev / sales.

The roles will be remunerated with a mix of cash and equity in the company and will enable the ppl we work with to have a defining role in decision making around product development. We're ultimately looking for ppl who are just as passionate about the rapidly emerging live VR / CG music event space as we are and who will join our team long term.

While the cash competent of remuneration for these roles is low we are working on an investment / funding round atm and when the round closes (4 - 6 months) we'll happily redefine the cash component of the role.

If you're passionate about developing immersive tech to redefine live music and want in at the ground level of a fast moving startup that's just starting to scale pls email me: sam (at) vrjlive.com

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