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Specs needed for good experience 360 video on htc vive pro eye with "extracting eye data with sranipal" via unity

maarten sz

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Recently I set some small steps in the world of VR but hit some limits that seem related to the computer the Vive pro eye is currently connected to. (ryzen5 1600, 16GbRAM,geforce gtx 1060 6Gb)
I intent to buy a new pc that may fit the usecase and hope to get some feedback from you on what to buy (and what not to spend money on).

We recently already bought a "vive pro eye" which we intent to use in an academic study focussing on "speaking tasks for people who suffer from speech disablities".
Trying to create controlled environments, we play a pre-recorded 360 video on the vive pro eye. During this task we would use "sranipal" to get insights on the area the participant is looking at within the 360video.

For now we found out that all this may be possible to do in unity.

  • Following the approach suggested in (link) we were able to play a 360 video (currently: 7680*3840) via unity in play-mode on the vive pro eye
    It is not clear to me whether this 'play'-mode is the best way to do this in unity or we should first do a "build"
  • Following the approach suggested in (link) we were able to extract eye data during play in unity and write them to an outputfile for later interpretation.
    For now this output is mostly "a lot of numbers". Interpretation of what this data represents and how it can best be interpreted/extracted is one of the next tasks in our pilot.
    But we were already able to confirm that sampling each 8 ms (120Hz) can be reached with the vive pro eye. Although we see that sampling is far worse at times. (cfr figure below)
    We suspect this may be largely due to the fact that the pc that we currently use, is not performant enough for the task.
  • During play in unity we also saw that the resolution of the video is worse
    • compared to when we play that same video in a regular videoplayer on our flat pc screen 
    • compared to when we play that same video in the 360 video player app of the vive pro eye itself
  • We also detected that the video did not play smooth when using unity but it played smooth when we used the native 360-player of the VR-headset.
    We therefore assume that some of the components in the computer are the bottleneck and we should focus on this

To accomplish a good enough "VR-experience" and a good enough "enough eye sampling", we decided to procure a new computer that makes it all possible.

  • This can be either a pc or a laptop
  • Preferably by using "unity" (mainly because this seems already possible)
    but if choosing another ecosystem makes more sense, this is also an option as long as we can still extract the eye-data

I am however not familiar with picking the specs for such a system and since this is funds are somewhat limited, we cannot max out all specs 

There I am VERY interested in your input. For example

  • processor:
    • intel or AMD
    • which series (i7?), Are certain sub-types better suited than others? Suggestions?
  • memory:
    • how much memory is enough? (32Gb?)
    • is the speed of memory an important factor in this?
  • video card: 
    • for now we assume that this is one of the big problems with the current system (gtx 1060) and hope that much benefit can be gained by moving to another system.
      for conveniance a laptop is preferred but if a small desktop provides far better results this is also an option.
      Suggestions on a specific card?
    • hoping that the user experience might be better by using "foveated rendering" we were attrcated to "geforce rtx"
      However is this in your opinion compliant (or too complicated) with the approach we intent to use (360-video) and should we not even consider this foveated rendering?
  • Other important components?
  • We are hoping to spend around 3000 EUR for the entire new system. 



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