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Having Problem with HTC Vive Tracker and Steam VR


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My setup consists of 2 Base Stations and 1 HTC Vive Tracker.

My main goal is to achieve this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LiV8RhzvUHI

In order for me to achieve it, I have to change Steam VR's default VR settings to force an HMD, since I don't have one and it won't start without it.

Main problem is I can't get out of the "Direct Display View" loop. Every time I click "Enable Direct Display" Steam VR restarts and then I get the prompt again.

I know this isn't specifically related to HTC Vive, but since I am using the hardware, maybe I need to do something extra in order to achieve my goal.

The main thing is, when I run it on Unreal Engine, I have followed tons of tutorials in which they show you can set up a virtual camera that moves with an HTC Vive Tracker seamlessly. But in my case it just doesn't do it. I am suspecting maybe it is the "Direct Display" issue that is not allowing me to see it.


Any help or tips appreciated,

Thank you.


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