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Multiple VRs in 1 room


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I have a problem with connecting multiple HTC Vive pro full kit in 2 rooms, It's an educational lab for kids and teens to learn about VR and VR applications.

Each room has 5 VRs, they are interfering with each other, is there a way to fix that. There is no multiplayer involved inside the VR experience but they need to run altogether.

I found Setting up a wireless multiuser VR environment ... though I have a question, do I need the wireless connection for the VR? can't just use normal wired connection?

Extra information:
room 1 is 15.5m x 5.1m
room 2 is 13.8m x 6.0m
I will upload a picture of the rooms that may clarify the layout furthermore.



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@Yousef I don't understand what the conflict is in this conflict. Is the problem the 4 player limit for Vive Wireless adapter or are you having a larger issue with the tracking basestations interfering with one another?

If you're using 2.0 basestations, set them up every 4-5 meters apart from one another and blanket the entire space creating as much overlap. Run the automated channel configuration tool to eliminate channel conflicts. Let me know if this is the case and I can post example diagrams.

If you're using 1.0 basestations - that's a tough situation to be in because each pair of stations needs to be optically isolated from one another. I can also find example posts where I talk about this scenario.

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