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Any hope for future Cosmos inside out tracking updates?

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I've been using my headset again recently after leaving it to gather dust for a while. In my opinion it takes a really conscious effort to work with the tracking. You have to constantly be aware of your hand positioning, rarely being able to rest them by your sides, pretty much working within a cone emanating outwards from your headset. I've learned to try to shrug off the tracking losses as you're swinging your hands around and I try as hard as possible to avoid anything that means I need to put the controllers together like drawing a bow or using a two handed weapon in games.

Even worse, I've found sometimes the general tracking is just absolutely terrible. I think it's the ceiling fan in my room because occasionally I find my VR space just has this wobble after it syncs initially. I have to turn off my fan and take a seat to get it to recover, after shutting down SteamVR and Vive Console to begin the whole process again.

If I look at the dates in the forum on the last update it looks like it was July last year but it feels so much longer. Is the OG Cosmos essentially abandoned at this point? Is there any hope that anyone is working to improve the tracking? I'm really surprised by the lack of firmware updates since I bought it. There were definite tracking updates and fixes to the low lighting alerts that used to come up early in the process but, man, it feels like there's been no effort in forever. I've left the hardware to rest a couple of times now and each time when I plug it in and start it up I expect some kind of update but there's been nothing in so long.

So please, help me set my own expectations accordingly - is there any expectation of future tracking updates? Because the release notes on the latest update look to only be related to Cosmos Elite features.

PS: I feel like the pricing on the Cosmos is absolutely atrocious. I paid launch price of $1300 AUD (which was hard to accumulate, please understand). I can see you've dropped the price $300 AUD but have never provided a decent pathway to the Elite faceplate, base stations and wands without another $1200 AUD MINIMUM for 1.0 base stations?? When I imagine damaging my controller and having to shell out $180 AUD to replace it - there's basically no way I don't just get a Quest 2 at that point. I mean, FFS $109 AUD for FACE CUSHIONS? I can't imagine buying anything HTC or trusting you guys ever again in the future.

Does anyone in the management structure have any understanding of how offensive those prices are after such sub-par performance paying full launch price? Ahh... who am I kidding, no-one will listen and these forums are about as dead as the HTC consumer VR division will be in the next few years...

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I think if they could fix the tracking they would have already. Let's face it, they aren't interested now.

The OG Cosmos has been a PR disaster for them and lost them a lot of customers, especially pre-order customers. I certainly won't be pre-ordering this new one they have in the pipeline no matter what they say it can do.

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Damn I don't know why I had hoped this would spark a more active discussion or that I might find other quiet and frustrated cosmos users to discuss it with.

HTC are such a massive letdown, it must be depressing to have worked on the cosmos and produce such a terrible result.

You're right, I suppose we should just face the music and accept that Cosmos is abandoned and the poor state of the tracking now is truly the best their engineers could do.

I just wish there were more effective ways to communicate how upsetting this whole ordeal was. There's no way I buy anything that HTC has been involved in in the future and I'll spread that message to anyone who'll listen. This is the most money I've ever wasted, just to think I could have bought 3 Quest 2 units for the same price - a Quest 2 with constant updates and improvements. The guys at HTC have seen the competition right? And they've just shrunk back into their desks and given up I assume.


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