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Does the Vive Pro 2 have 120 Degrees Horizontal, or is it Diagonal?

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HTC never specifies on their website whether the 120 degrees is horizontal or diagonal. It just says in the specs sheet "Up to 120 degrees". 

There is a HUGE difference between 120 degrees horizontal which is much wider than many standard VR headsets, and 120 degrees diagonal which in comparison, Reverb G2 has 114 degrees diagonal. 

So can HTC answer this question clearly once and for all? Is it 120 degrees HORIZONTAL? Or is it 120 degrees Diagonal? 

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20 hours ago, HackPerception said:

@testgrounds - Confirming here that it's HORIZONTAL and it's glorious. Here's hoping these headsets help drive 120+ as the minimal acceptable FOV moving forward.


That's great news! Pimax headsets have 160 degrees Horizontal in Large FOV mode, 140 degrees in Normal FOV mode, and 120 degrees in Small FOV mode. So it looks like HTC has achieved what is considered Small mode on Pimax but far surpasses other headsets like the Reverb G2 and Valve Index. 

I hope someday HTC reaches 140 Horizontal or higher as that peripheral vision is really nice.

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