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[Unity] error [SteamVR] Vive Controller Binding Error?

Ema Horvath

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I am trying to start with SRWorks Experience in Unity.

When running the sample scene I downloaded from here and run "Assets/Vive_SRExperience/Scenes/Demo", I get the follow error:

[SteamVR] No pose action set for this component
UnityEngine.Debug:LogError(Object, Object)
Valve.VR.SteamVR_Behaviour_Pose:Start() (at Assets/SteamVR/Input/SteamVR_Behaviour_Pose.cs:76)

I couldn't find much info about this. What's causing the error?
Now I see video pass through in HMD, but nothing happened.

- HTC Vive Pro Eye
- Unity 2018.4.33f1
- SRWorks_v0.9.7.1_Unity_Plugin
- Unity SteamVR Plugin 2.7.3 (sdk 1.14.15)

Thank you for your help.

Screen Shot 2021-05-17 at 15.31.44.png

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