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Get VIVE PRO Lighthouse 2.0 Serial Nummer by Software and SDK?


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We have a many Rooms with Vive Pro and Lighthouse 2.0.

I want to collect the Serial Nummer printet on the Back of the LH 2.0 in Case of RMA.

I don't talk about the  LHB-xxxxxx Name,  i need the SN: FBxxxxxxx Name.

Can I Read out this Data by Software or better via OpenVR SDK?

Thanks, Michael T.



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@VRCenter - I'm not aware of a way to query the Vive serial number OpenVR. OpenVR obfuscates device IDs with the LHB-xxxx schema for privacy reasons.

I would recommend capturing the serial numbers of all devices when you first take shipment of them, and then maybe using your own simplified numbering system for simplicity.

 The Vive console can display the serial number of a Vive Cosmos / Cosmos Elite because we rolled our own runtime for that, but there's not really a tool on the SteamVR tracking side for this.

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