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New to VR - PRO 2

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Hey guys, 

I just preordered the Vive Pro 2 - but I'm a bit confused on what accessories I will need to have a fully functional experience on day 1. Could you guys help list what accessories I will need? 

I have a medium sized square room with 8 foot ceilings

Computer Specs (if needed):

RTX 3080 + 5950x + 32 GB RAM

Thank you!




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@kholzrpi- What did you order exactly?

If you ordered an HMD only - than you need at a minimum SteamVR compatible base-stations and controllers. Thouse could be 1.0 or 2.0 base-stations, Vive wands, or Valve Index controllers.

If you ordered a full kit, than you have everything for a turnkey VR experience. Everything else would be "upgrades" e.g. Vive Trackers or something like a bHaptics vest.

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