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Vive Pro 2: Redeem your Viveport Offer

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When buying Vive Pro 2, it is mentioned that 2 months of Viveport is included.

I received my Pro 2, and indeed, there is a code in the boxm but it doesn't seems to work.

I go to vive.com/code, I'm entering the code, then I get a page saying:


Confirm Your Package

Your code is valid and qualifies you the following:

But that's all... there is nothing else.

What can I do?

I tried on Android, Windows and macOS, on Edge, Chrome and Firefox, on local WiFi and 4G, with no adblock or anything.

I also tried to redeem the code on Viveport directly, but it says it's invalid (code is 12 chars whereas Viveport code are 11 or 20 chars)

Thank you

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