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Tobii XR SDK and Sranipal SDK


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My project requires accessing some of the left and right eye data accessible by the Steam Sranipal SDK in addition to the capabilities of the Tobii XR SDK.  This works when I just have the SRanipal Eye Framework in my Unity project and not the TobiiXR Initializer.  However, when I load the initializer, I only get 0s for my left and right eye data (validity is also set to false).  Is there a way to access this data while also using the Tobii XR SDK?


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@hrheiberger - I'm not personally in the know about any projects which have combined the two SDKs. I think everyone who has licensed from Tobii goes all in on their SDK.

SRAnipal is a wrapped version of Tobii's runtime with a white label API that provides access to a subset of the Tobii XR APIs. There might be a conflict at the runtime level if you have both runtimes going and API calls to each environment.

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