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"Not Happy" with my new Vive Pro2

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Hi everyone.  I think i am in the right Forum here. First of all i was happy with my first vive and my vive pro. This was a good upgrade and i played a lot VR Games and stuff. Cool stuff:)

My PC is always up to date with fast Hardware and i never had issues with Games etc.

My Pc is VR ready! 2080TI, I9900K, 32GR Ram, SSD´s, fast Internet etc. So far so good. Now i bought the new Vive Pro2. Mhhhh, i am not happy with this. Steam, Drivers etc are up to date. My Games and stuff stutters when i move my Head fast from left to right and right to left and and and. Firmware ist up to date and the Vive Console Stuff on the latest Version(i also tried the Beta). I played DoomVR and Half Life with no problems on my vive Pro but on my vive pro2 i do not feel like to play games with this Headset. I hope there is a fix in work.



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