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Vive Tracker 2.0 Haptic Duration


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I have been working on an accessory based upon the Vive Tracker 2.0.  With the latest firmware from 2018-11-09, I am able to use control transfers to send button events over USB with no issues.  I am also able to use the haptic output pin from the tracker to tell my accessory when to activate haptic feedback.  This works as expected when testing with lighthouse_console haptic commands.  However, when testing in an application such as Beat Saber, the haptics are active for far too long.  I confirmed that the tracker is keeping that pin "HIGH" (3.3VDC) for several seconds.  


The comment linked below describes what I believe is the same issue.  They discuss downgrading to a previous firmware version, which I did attempt but the prior version(s) don't support the USB accessory interface.  Is there any suggestion or resolution for this?


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