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VR weirdness


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i get this is gif and the headset doesn't seem to be getting effort power?
inside the headset is mostly black and rarely flicks white/grey and haves a trippy star effect for like 5 secs.
i have extended cables. feel its like a power draw thing? or

15m DisplayPort cable from pc into a display mini adapter  to linkbox
10m 3.0 usb from pc to stock in to linkbox


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@Tacomancer - What is working before this started?

When this suddenly crops up on a previously working setup, these types of issues are unfortunately the most difficult to troubleshoot. It's a needle in a haystack situation - could be a ton of things. SteamVR's log system doesn't usually provide helpful info on where to look.

Nvidia posted a driver update to fix stuttering earlier today. I don't think this is your problem, but would recommend to upgrade to

Problems like this are usually specific to your PC/Operating system.

When I have issues like this with SteamVR, I personally take it as a sign that it's time to clean install Windows and start over again. It's always faster than trying to isolate what could be causing the problem.

In any case, I highly suspect this is an issue in software. Whenever the frametiming is a rollercoaster like this - it's almost

If you have access to another PC, it's worth testing on that to validate the HMD.

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