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MSI GS75 2080 SuperMax q compatibility with Vive Pro 2 / Issue with ports


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I really hope HackPerception sees this one, that dude knows his stuff. So I'm an idiot and didn't check for ports before getting the Pro2. Of course it has no display ports, but I have a StarTech Dock that's connected to the laptop via USB-C. When I saw the pic HackPerception posted some time ago of the 'configure surround, physx' settings I was a little discouraged because mine looked EXACTLY like the pic he posted in saying what wouldn't work, showing the intel GPU connected to the display. I took from that to mean my USB-C wouldn't work. But as soon as I plugged my dock back in to connect to my big monitor(I use a curved display usually and just shut the laptop lid while I work or game) I saw something that got me excited. Suddenly the intel graphics card wasn't being shown and the PhysX bubble is above the RTX 2080 box with all the ports my docking station has, including the spare display port I have on it. I'll post a pic of it now, hopefully someone can give me a definitive answer on if it would work.


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