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Vive Console WIP?


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I'm having to return my Vive Pro 2. I really wanted to like it. The resolution on Ultra, FOV and audio are fine for me. However, anything lower than Ultra is really blurry for me. But the main issues for me are:

I'm experiencing eye strain. I think this may have something to do with the low brightness. Will there ever be an option to increase brightness to levels of the Index? I love the brightness and contrast of the Index and it makes pixels appear crisp and sharp. In HL:A for example, my eyes feel as if they are searching for high contrasting detail to focus on. After a few minutes of play my eyes start feeling fatigued. I have also tried disabling the auto brightness within the config file to no avail.

The Motion Smoothing option is unusable due to high pixelation and artifacts. Will this ever be improved upon? This is something I rely on heavily and works incredibly well on my Index and simulator games.

As it is, I don't want to take the gamble that these two issues will be resolved. Or by the time they are resolved, a Valve Index 2 will be available without these issues.


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