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Concentric Rings


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I have been loving my Vive Pro 2 for the last several days, many hours in it now.

Something I seem to be noticing a little more, depending on lighting I think, are the concentric rings along the outer perimeters of the lenses. Seems to depend on how light hits it, or rather maybe it is the way darkness hits it, when they start to show up. Can't remember ever seeing this in a previous headset. I seemed to notice it more in DCS today flying around. 

Is this a normal thing for the Vive Pro 2 due to the lenses used? This is the only thing I have seen that bothers me a little every now and then, other than that it is a great headset for me so far. Does everyone see this in their Vive Pro 2?

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This behavior is called "god-rays". This is a physical limitation of the used fresnel-lenses. The advantage of using fresnel lenses is, it's possible to create lenses with flat design and it's cheaper to make and lighter in weight, than traditional "glas" made lenses or clean lenses.

The disadvantage is unfortunately that less clarity and the God-Rays in dark situation, with white parts.

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Ah ok thanks then. It is not so bad that it really annoys me, just something I notice from time to time toward the outer edges in certain lighting conditions.

Just wanted to make sure it was nothing wrong on my end with the headset. Thanks for the feedback. Headset it still doing great for me.

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