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Vive Pro 2 75hz?

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I'm wondering if there's a way to make the VP2 run at 75hz for performance reasons.

I have been trying for a while now to squeeze performance out of this thing running at native resolution 90hz mode but it's not fun.

My test application is No Man's Sky.

100% in SteamVR

Ingame settings:
DLSS Balanced
GTAO off
Everything in graphics settings at 'Standard' besides Planet Detail and Terrain Tesselation set to 'Enhanced'.

I get 90fps everywhere besides tropical planets, and I change DLSS to ultra performance to get 90 again on those planets.

My system is 5950x, 32g RAM, 3080 OC overclocked.

CPU is rock solid, GPU is suffering.

The 8KX runs at 75hz native and IMHO this gives a better experience with a constant frame rate over 90hz on the VP2 with dropped frames.

Can I  just make this change or does it need driver support to run at 75hz?



   "htcvr" : {

      "preferFrameRate" : 75



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