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Treating the Vive Tracker as a Vive controller


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, please confirm the version of the tool that you're using. What is the behavior that you're experiencing? Does the behavior produce any error codes or does it simply refuse to revert to your desired role? 


The 1.0 version that  linked works with newer firmwares and has additional recovery tools. Please give that a shot if you're on an older branch. 

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I was using v0.8, I 'll definitely give v1.0 a try. 
the issue I am facing is actually the firmware had been updated while the tracker was in controller configuration. and now when I connect and try to change it back it says no or multiple vive devices connected so unable to change the role.
I will try the newer version and let you know if it works.

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I assume you tried the reset found here:


It says to plug the tracker in to your PC and press the button for 10 seconds.

Also I use an old laptop for all my role changing, that way I don't have to exit/close VR or disconnect any gear because I don't have anything attached to the old laptop. I started doing this because I would get  the error that something else was connected on my gaming rig. Come to find out it was my TP Cast software running in the background causing the error.

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Here is a procedure for fixing firmware in a controller, not a tracker:


It describes how to boot a PC connected controller while pressing the trackpad button, putting it into a "USB Drive mode" allowing you to copy new firmware to the device.

I know this is for a controller not a tracker, but if you were to connect pogo pins 2 (ground) and 5 (trackpad button) as you powered up, maybe it would have the same effect?

Just a theory!

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