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Vive Pro 2 IPD sensor defective after repair: Fault or feature?


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Hi folks!

I had my Vive Pro 2 for repair because of a defective lcd display. When it came back the ipd sensor no longer worked. There is no more onscreen information and data is not transmitted to the steam vr app. The ipd-values in the system report always stay the same. Many of you moaned, that the ipd info is popping up at the worst times during games because of head movement or the nose touching the lenses. Since the mechanical controller is now decoupled from the rendering software, new possibilities arise. Apart the fact that i am spared the annoying pop ups, using different ipd values in steamvr.vrsettings and the hardware make the picture appear sharper to me. But that is a purely subjective impression. Would you send in the Vive for a second repair or think of the fault as a nice feature? I am the only one who uses the HMD and therefore there is no need to turn the ipd knob all the time.

Let me know what you think!

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