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Base Station recalibrates when the Tracker comes in view


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I'm developing an application where I use SteamVR/OpenVR with Vive Trackers (3.0) and Base Stations (2.0).

For the application, it is important that the reference frame always stays the same. So if I place the Tracker at a specific location, then move it around and place it at the same location again, the coordinates of that location should be the same before and after.

My problem is that if the Tracker comes out of view of the Base Station, the reference frame changes when the Tracker comes back in view. This is clearly visible in the config file located at steam/config/lighthouse/lighthousedb.json. Under base_stations -> config -> dynamic_states -> tilt, pitch, roll and variance change whenever the Tracker comes back in view. This is often enough to shift the coordinates a few mm. or cm. and the orientation a few degrees.

Is there any way to turn this off or avoid it? Any help would be much appreciated.


The issue was also described here last year, but received no replies:


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